Why Fincheck Business?

Small and medium businesses are often overlooked by government, banks and other bigger financial institutions. This results in a short supply of growth capital for the businesses that need it most.

Fincheck Business has taken this need to heart. It is our promise to business owners to work hard at helping them gain access to finance, in order to grow their businesses.

At Fincheck, we want to help business build better financial future, one finance step at a time.

Fincheck Business is part of the larger Fincheck Group, known in South Africa as the biggest independent, free comparison website. Fincheck has built and designed the business finance application process on this website so that South African businesses have a simple, fast, and trustworthy tool to source business finance.

How does it work?

We have partnered with South Africa’s biggest alternative lenders and it is our intention to match borrowers with the most appropriate form of finance for their business. Below is a simple summary of our How it works process. Click here to view the full process!

Each of our partners has provided Fincheck with details on the types of businesses they finance. We have taken this information and designed algorithms to match businesses with the most appropriate alternative financiers.

Because our partners are not typical banks or financial institutions, they offer alternative finance options. Once you have gone through the application process, you will be presented with a comprehensive comparison of the business finance opportunities that match your funding criteria.

To read more about this, see How It Works.

Why use Fincheck Business instead of other direct business loan providers?

We are well positioned as one of the only independent business finance comparison websites in South Africa. Our goal is simple - we need to find you the most suitable form of finance at the lowest rate. Our proprietary backend and matching allocation algorithms have been built from the ground up to do the hard work for you.

To find out more about our lending partners, have a look at our partners. On this page, we detail what each of our partner's parameters, and how they do it.

At Fincheck we also want to make sure your employees are building a healthy financial future!

A Better financial future starts with knowing where you are. And this means FREE credit scores for all our users.

Fincheck offers all our users free credit scores so they can see how banks measure their financial health. This is done through the MyFincheck portal which offers bank-level security, personalised offers and the option to manage your finances.

This is only the beginning of the awesome plans up our sleeve! We're happy to know people like you are partnering with us to create a healthy financial landscape in South Africa.

Here's to South Africa at large making better financial decisions!

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Fincheck Business is a business financial comparisons website. Fincheck Business has partnered with numerous banking and non banking lenders to provide the user a simple application for multiple providers. Lenders benefit from an additional market place and extensive customer reach. Loan amounts vary from lender to lender. Fees, interest rates, loan amounts and credit scores influence the repayment terms. Lenders require personal and company details to control their risk and assist the government to combat theft, money laundering, terrorism. Fincheck Business does not endorse any particular product or company. We are an independent company acting as a subsidiary of Finch Technologies (PTY) Limited. The information shown and provided is an opinion, based on numbers and must not be seen as advice or consultation.