How it Works

Fincheck Business is dedicated to helping you build a better financial future for your business through the process below

Successful Partnerships

We have partnered with South Africa's biggest alternative lenders and it is our intention to match borrowers with the most appropriate form of finance for their business. Each of our partners has provided Fincheck with details on the types of businesses they finance. We have taken this information and designed algorithms to match businesses with the most appropriate alternative financiers. Because our partners are not typical banks or financial institutions, they offer alternative finance options. Once you have gone through the application process, you will be presented with a comprehensive comparison of the business finance opportunities that match your funding criteria.

The Application Process

Your first step is to submit your application and then to select your preferred partner. Fincheck Business will then pass your information on to the selected lender(s). The lender(s) will contact you asking for supplementary information and documentation. Most of our partners take a week or less to make pay out. Each of our partners has access to our proprietary dashboard that shows them your application. Your application is only shown to one preferred partner at a time until you have granted a loan OR you ask to be taken out of the system. Most of the above steps happen through a custom engine built to meet the needs of our business customers. It's a professional system tailored to your business needs. For queries as to where your application is in the process, please feel free to contact us.

Do we charge fees?

Fincheck Business does not charge the borrower any fees. We take a commission from the lender when a successful finance application has been completed. It is important for us to do not push our costs to you, the business with a financial need.

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Fincheck Business is a business financial comparisons website. Fincheck Business has partnered with numerous banking and non banking lenders to provide the user a simple application for multiple providers. Lenders benefit from an additional market place and extensive customer reach. Loan amounts vary from lender to lender. Fees, interest rates, loan amounts and credit scores influence the repayment terms. Lenders require personal and company details to control their risk and assist the government to combat theft, money laundering, terrorism. Fincheck Business does not endorse any particular product or company. We are an independent company acting as a subsidiary of Finch Technologies (PTY) Limited. The information shown and provided is an opinion, based on numbers and must not be seen as advice or consultation.