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Fincheck Business is selective about who we partner with. Each of our partners has been vetted by one of our founders to ensure you are working with the best in the industry.

Retail Capital

Retail Capital is a pioneer in the merchant factoring space. Since inception Retail capital has grown its distribution network far and wide which enables them to originate loans to all types of businesses.

Fincheck Business has worked closely with Retail capital over the past year. Through all interactions Fincheck Business has been impressed by the service that the team deliver, as well as their knowledge of the industry.

  • Retail Capital offers loans up to R3,000,000. The company was established to provide businesses with an accessible, flexible and convenient alternative to traditional business loans. Retail capital offers Merchant Cash advance finance to business of all sizes.
  • Retail Capital prides itself in setting out sustainable repayment terms which are designed to fit your business cycles.
  • If you are looking to scale up on machinery, buy new stock, grow your business or buy new equipment. Retail Capital may be able to assist.
  • The minimum requirements your company needs to achieve in order to pass for finance from Retail Capital are:
    • Greater than R30,000 turnover per month from a card machine or payment gateway
    • Been in business longer than 6 months
    • Registered company


Lulalaend is one of the pioneers of the SMME finance industry in South Africa and is one of the fastest growing business financiers in the world. Through their proprietary technology, Lulalend can originate loans in just two days. Lulalend focuses in the unsecured lending sector with a focus on facilitation of working capital that can be paid back in a six-month period.

Fincheck Business has worked with Lulalend for over a year. During this period, Smart business loans has received warm indications about Lulalend’s business practice.

  • Lulalend offers unsecured loans up to R200,000. The company was established to provide fast and easy small business finance. Lulalend offers a full online application process with no paperwork.
  • Lulalend offers unsecured loans over a repayment period of either 6 months or 12 months. The company will work with you to establish what plan will work best for your business.
  • Lulalend prides itself in offering no paperwork finance for small companies. Your company health and personal credit score is taken into account when qualifying.
  • The minimum requirements your company needs to achieve in order to pass for finance from Lulalend are:
    • Minimum annual revenue of R500,000
    • Been in business for longer than 1 year
    • Registered company


BUSINESS FUEL was started in 2017 with the aim of assisting the SME market across South Africa with one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today – access to finance. Businesses have been limited primarily to traditional bank financing which takes time, requires a long list of paperwork and sufficient assets as collateral. Using leading-edge technology combined with an innovative approach to assessing credit, BUSINESS FUEL is changing the finance experience for the SME market in South Africa.

Through FIncheck and Businessfuel, an applicant can receive their funds just three days after making their initial application, but more importantly, the borrower is able to work with the BUSINESS FUEL team to agree on a repayment plan that is best suited to the cashflows of the business.

  • BUSINESS FUEL offers affordable business loans of up to R2 million approved within 72 hours. They work fast to get you the funds you need, when you need it.
  • A completely online and paperless application process. Allowing you to apply for free in minutes with no obligation.
  • You only pay interest on your outstanding balance with no early settlement fees or penalties.
  • Deposit and withdraw excess capital at any time and at no charge.
  • The minimum requirements your company needs to achieve in order to pass for finance from BUSINESS FUEL are:
    • Be a registered entity that has been in business for longer than 1 year
    • With a minimum annual turnover of R1 million

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